GunSTAR Classes at Camp Jack, March - May 2022

GunSTAR is excited to be offering a series of firearm safety and self defense classes at Camp Jack Veterans Resource Center in Harrison in the coming weeks. These classes will cover a variety of topics, taught by highly trained certified instructors. These are classroom-only sessions, with no handling of live firearms, but a couple of the classes include practice of fundamental firearms handling using special laser training systems.  Improve your skills and knowledge in an atmosphere of teamwork and support! You will also be able to schedule live fire training after the class.

For the complete list of courses, see the GunSTAR Firearm Classes and Training page.

For details on these classes, link from the above page or as shown here:

Tuesday, March 29 
9 am-noon  Introduction to The Legal Use of Force including Arkansas Law           FREE
1-3 pm     Conflict Avoidance & Situational Awareness                FREE
3-5 pm     Basic Firearm Safety Class                                           FREE

Tuesday, April 5 
9 am - noon  Developing a Personal & Home Protection Plan     $20.00
1-4 pm          Violent Encounters & the Aftermath     $20.00

Wednesday, April 27 
9 am-noon    Constitutional Carry or Permit Carry in Arkansas?   $20.00
1-4pm           The Legal Use of Force including Arkansas Law      $30.00

Tuesday, May 3
9 am-noon    Self Defense/Proper Guns & Ammo/Malfunctions    $20.00
1-4 pm          Defensive Shooting / Prepare for the Threat             $20.00

Register for these classes on the individual class page, or at Camp Jack the day of the class.