Basic Firearm Safety Class

Basic Firearm Safety Class

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Negligent Discharges-Knowledge and Attitude Can Save a Life!
(This is a short classroom presentation and does not include time on the firing range.).

Do you own a gun?
Does your spouse own a gun?
Do you have one in the home?
Are there children in the home?

This FREE class will emphasize the Universal Gun Safety Rules and explore ways to prevent a negligent discharge. Guns don't go off accidentally. Don't let this happen to YOU! With proper training, a good attitude, and careful attention to the function of your firearm, you can be a safe and knowledgeable gun owner.
Learn the basics of how to properly handle a firearm.

We will have plastic training guns available for hands on training of the Universal Safety Rules along with a Power Point Presentation and videos to help you understand the concept of a negligent discharge.

March 29, 2022, 3-5 pm

Camp Jack Veteran Resource Center
411 S Pine St.
Harrison, AR 72601

Register on this page or in person at Camp Jack the day of the class.

For more information about this class link HERE