Defensive Shooting / Prepare for the Threat

Defensive Shooting / Prepare for the Threat

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With LASER practice!
(This is a  classroom presentation and does not include time on the firing range.).

Although we hope to never be in this situation and we take all steps necessary to avoid it and be situationally aware, it is important that you are tactically prepared.
You and your family are worth it!

Paula Ardans, USCCA, NRA ,and Ark. State Police CERTIFIED FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR (#21-1499), and USCCA Training Counselor, is offering this course to you.
She is joined by Craig Shelton, also a USCCA, NRA, and Ark. State Police CHCL Instructor (#21-1519) and Alex Pinson, USCCA Firearms Instructor.

Learn the difference between Defensive Shooting versus Marksmanship. Knowing how to effectively use sight alignment ,flash picture sight and point/instinctive shooting can determine your ability to shoot defensively.
We will use Mantis, Elms and Strikeman laser targets to check for understanding and accuracy during this classroom only course.

This lesson will continue with firearm basics, including a very visual overview of what we call the “building blocks” or the fundamentals for accurate and safe shooting. Within this lesson, USCCA Chief Instructor Michael Martin will explain via video the differences between the skills required for being a good “marksman” at the range, and the skills that might be required to save your life if you are ever the subject of a violent attack.

May 3, 2022, 1 - 4 pm

Camp Jack Veteran Resource Center
411 S Pine St.
Harrison, AR 72601

Register on this page or in person at Camp Jack the day of the class.

For more information about this class link HERE