Constitutional Carry or Permit Carry in Arkansas?

Constitutional Carry or Permit Carry in Arkansas?

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Hear the Facts
(This is a  classroom presentation and does not include handling any firearms.)

Why would I get a Concealed Handgun Carry License (CHCL) anyway?
What happens when I travel outside Arkansas?
What if I am visiting in Arkansas?


Arkansas is one of 23 states that do not require a license or permit to carry a firearm, commonly called permitless carry or Constitutional Carry
("The 2nd Amendment is my permit!").
This class will give you answers and tools to make informed decisions on handgun carry.
This course will cover the implications of permitless carry. Topics that students will be introduced to include: relevant laws, use-of-force decision making, and next steps to take.

Your instructors are Craig Shelton, graduate of the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program, and NRA, USCCA, and Ark State Police CHCL Instructor (#21-1519); and
GunSTAR owner & Chief Instructor Paula Ardans, USCCA, NRA and Ark State Police CERTIFIED FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR, and USCCA Training Counselor (instructor trainer).

April 27, 2022, 9 am - Noon

Camp Jack Veteran Resource Center
411 S Pine St.
Harrison, AR 72601

Register on this page or in person at Camp Jack the day of the class.

For more information about this class link HERE