Developing a Personal & Home Protection Plan

Developing a Personal & Home Protection Plan

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Be prepared!
(This is a  classroom presentation and does not include handling a firearm.)

Developing a personal & home protection plan is a key component of not only preparing for how we should (or might) react if confronted by a violent crime, but also how we might avoid violent crime in the first place. Within this lesson, USCCA Chief Instructor Michael Martin explains (video) that developing a protection plan is about much more than becoming proficient with a firearm or writing up a home invasion plan. It’s a plan that must encompass awareness, avoidance, and preparation, so that we’re less likely to find ourselves in a situation where we have no other option than to use our firearm, rather than more likely.

Your instructors will be Alex Pinson, USCCA Instructor, and GunSTAR Owner and Chief Instructor Paula Ardans.

April 5, 2022, 9 am  - Noon

Camp Jack Veteran Resource Center
411 S Pine St.
Harrison, AR 72601

Register on this page or in person at Camp Jack the day of the class.

For more information about this class link HERE